Stephen Colbert tops Google search results for ‘super PAC’

By - Alyssa Vincent Comedian Stephen Colbert’s name has recently become synonymous with the term super political action committee, at least in the eyes of Google. When searching the term super PAC in Google, Colbert’s name dominates the top results. Officials at Bluffdale-based are weighing in on why the popular search engine thinks Colbert and super PACs […]

Facebook PAC raises privacy concerns

Over the past few years, Facebook has garnered a lot of publicity, concern, and backlash for its numerous privacy issues. The most current concern is a recent patent filing to track its users offsite as well as actually helping the government with surveillance.  Earlier this week, Facebook created its own Political Action Committee (PAC). The […]

Defend the Wisconsin 14: Conservative Utah group begins recall effort for Wisconsin Democratic senators

Picture of the Koch Brothers A Utah group, that opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants, has filed paperwork in Wisconsin to begin recall efforts against eight Democratic state senators, including Sen. Fred Risser, D-Madison. It is obvious that the right wing playbook is now organizing all the hate groups, undemocratic forces and goons to break the […]