A Play about For-Profit Colleges

Aaron Calafato is a playwright and actor. Like many people who choose that line of work, however, he has a hard time making a dime.  So he took a job as a recruiter for a for-profit college in Ohio. His experiences there led him to become a critic of the predatory industry. Now, according to […]

Schools more and more resemble maximum security prisons: schools without playgrounds, children without recess, and kids without play

  Picture of Thieves in Dante’s Hell   A new report from the American Academyof Pediatrics (AAP) indicates that children in poor urban neighborhoods need more chances for old-fashioned playtime in their daily lives.   A number of experts in the report have raised concerns that in the current climate of treating youth not as if […]

An arrogant, derisive Serena does it again.

It is like I was watching a different game.    “… so when Williams ripped a forehand to Stosur’s backhand for an apparent winner to stave off another break, she could not contain her glee. “Come on!” she screamed. But Stosur stuck out her racket and got a piece of the ball, and when she […]

Assange targets b of a : Something’s rotten in the state of a bank

By Saul Landau Fish rots. Bacteria work their way down from the head and produce the stench that provoked Marcellus: “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” He and Horatio had followed Hamlet, beckoned by the ghost of his father, the former King. The ghost verified what Hamlet calls “things rank and gross in […]

The Games We Play

I have a friend who pays nearly 40% more than the average to keep his house cool so he can walk around in oxford cloth shirts, slacks, and sweats.  He wants no changes in healthcare because his state funded insurance and Medicare provide him with the best health care that is out there.  He shares […]

National Default - Are we the next Dubai!

Michael Collins Dubai was to be the next Switzerland, an enclave for anonymous banking, a play ground for the super rich, and the ultimate gated community for those with so much wealth, they felt an overriding need for protection. Well, that’s all over now.  Dubai declared a debt moratorium until May 10, 2010.  While this […]