Your World News to interview Tim Baldauf, a student at the University of Maryland, who is fighting to help end workplace abuses at the University of Maryland

Picture of the campus of the University of Maryland This episode we spoke to Tim Baldauf, a student at the University of Maryland, who is fighting to help end workplace abuses at the school he attends—University of Maryland. This interview he breaks down some important issues and why he (and many other students) felt […]

Michigan: template for neo-feudalism and corporate fascists policies

Picture of Governor Snyder of Michigan.  Are emergency managers to be as ubiquitous as the MI legislature proposes a second assault on Michigan Cities and Schools?  ‘Emergency managers’ is the poll-tested name given to the political supplicants of the Vichy fascists that operate in Michigan.  Much has been left out of both the corporate press and […]

VOICE OF DETROIT: The city's independent newspaper, unbossed and unbought

Picture of the march to save Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit Voice of Detroit is an independant news zine out of Detroit.  You can read more about Detroit teachers, schools, parents and the struggle to save public education from the pernicious privatizers. You can find them at:

Who Is Drawing The Dirty Pictures?

Does anyone remember the old story about the psychiatrist who showed his patient a drawing of a square and asked his patient what it reminded him of? The patient replied, “Sex. The doctor than showed him a picture of a circle, with the same question. Again, the patient replied, “Sex.” Finally the doctor produced a […]

Fascism: Mussolini style

Picture of Mussolini hanging upside down by both feet, dead at the hands of anti-fascists and the people who hated with with a vitriol not dis-similar to all fascists whom have existed everywhere It should be noted that Benito Mussolini the dictator of Italy who coined the word ‘fascism’ used the budget deficit to gain […]

Free and fair elections for Detroit Federation of Teachers presidential seat to be held again

Picture of current ‘president’ of DFT, Keith Johnson The Detroit Federation of Teachers membership meeting voted 84 - 49 to hold a new DFT Officers election, at its meeting last night.  This is huge victory for the defense of public education in Detroit!  Please attend our meeting Saturday February 12th at 4:30 at 19484 James Couzens to plan our immediate next steps […]


 Picture of a Detroit School                The Election Committee of the Detroit Federation of Teachers announced today that on Wednesday, January 20, 2011, it will recount the votes in the runoff election for executive offices.                 The initial count showed Keith Johnson winning for President by 41 votes of out of over 4000 cast.  But […]

Good news for Detroit teachers, parents and students!!! Robert Bobb's actions found illegal

Picture of Robert Bobb COURT DECLARES EMERGENCY FINANCIAL MANAGER’S TAKEOVER  OF DETROIT PUBLIC SCHOOLS ILLEGAL BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) and Detroit School Board Score Major Legal Victory  Against Market-Based Corporate Education Models Ruling comes on the eve of crucial election in Detroit Federation of Teachers  The Wayne County Circuit Court held today that Emergency Financial […]

Detroit: How to organize and win!

  Readers: Picture of David Bing, mayor of Detroit, Robert Bobb, Financial manager and employee of Eli Broad along with a representative from a major textbook company seeking contracts to be paid for by taxpayers. The following is from members of the Detroit Federation of Teachers.  They have been fighting for some time now the […]