In court filing, Washington Post admits telemarketing boiler room tactics at Kaplan U "

ON Dec 23,  2011 Judge Barbara Rothstein  dismissed a shareholder’s lawsuit against Donald Graham and the Washington Post alleging WaPO defrauded investors because  Kaplan U engaged in deceptive and unethical marketing practices.  The lawsuit: Plumbers Local 200 v  Washington Post, Donald Graham and Hal Jones,  was filed in US District Court in the District of […]

El Cortito Haunts California Again

The short-handled hoe is alive and well and living in California’s hotels.  The hoe has been reincarnated as flat sheets, instead of fitted, and scrub brushes instead of longer handled scrubbers that permit maids to get up off of their hands and knees. Hotel mattresses, which can weigh up to 150 pounds, must be lifted […]

Adding Up the Numbers

I heard Ted Koppel, on NPR the other morning, say that because we are borrowing all the money from the Chinese to fight the war in Afghanistan that we are not sacrificing anything and therefore do not feel any pain as a result of this war.  Huh? I won’t even go into the huge deficits […]

There is a thing about "Opinions."

I have got to answer JFoster My mother warned me about arguing or discussing with certain kinds of people, but there was entirely too much disinformation in one comment to ignore.  And lastly, I have to say that people who think they know everything are a real pain in butt to those of us who […]