“Vote none of the above” as an act of civil disobedience

by kabuki7     From Dictatorship to Democracy is the seminal work by Gene Sharp which has been applied all over the world to bring about peaceful democratic change in undemocratic societies. Sharps’ strategies include: decreasing support for undemocratic governments to delegitimize them, and non violent non cooperation. Make no mistake, the United States in […]

Occupy Wall Street: Mobs, Media, and Message

  When the Tea Party formed, in 2009, they rolled up in billionaire chartered buses, handed out pamphlets, and were often hosted by national figures, like former Republican Speaker of the House Dick Armey. It turns out, a few of the many Koch brother’s front groups, like Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity, have been […]

Occupy Wall Street: Day 11 – Susan Sarandon Joins the Protest

Originally posted on OpEdNews.com at this link. More big news from Day 11 of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Protest in NYC! Susan Sarandon joined the protesters and discussed the issues on the live feed. Liberty Square is still filled with protesters. I’m picking up coverage for Chaz Valenza. He joined the protest and covered […]