Participate in “The People’s School for Public Education” and endorse Oakland's Sit-in

Dear community and supporters, We have managed to hold on to the Lakeview building and grounds for 6 days now!!! We also have been running a free Social Justice based summer program since Monday morning. Each day we have had more students attending. Yesterday there were between 20 and 30 students! For more updates and […]

Police Brutality in America: A Hip Hop Perspective

Police Brutality in America: A Hip Hop Perspective By: Solomon Comissiong Year by year, nothing tangibly changes in America regarding the deadly issue of rampant police brutality within myriad communities of color. Unarmed black and brown people continue to be systematically brutalized by rogue state sponsored police officers. This issue is far from anything new […]

What Happens When the People Lose the Power to Control Government?

I didn’t want to spend Super Bowl Sunday thinking about the very bad things that are happening across America, but when you’re in the judicial reform movement, you get things sent to you that most people cannot even imagine. At least, not until it happens to them or to one of their family members. I got another one this Sunday morning. Hope Steffey, the victim of an attack, was arrested and strip searched by “law” enforcement.