What's In A Number?

The U S borrowed $1,200,000,000 so we could give the Pakistanis  at least $3 billion dollars a year to help us find al Qaeda terrorists.  We all know how well spent that money is. Back in 2009 it was determined that the U.S. was spending more than that every month just to keep soldiers in […]

No-Fly Zone Fallacy

  This past weekend, under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, the United States and its allies began enforcing a “no fly zone” over much of Libya. One of the most frequent comparisons used to justify our actions has been that of the Bosnia-Herzegovia war.  Recently, Mo Sacribey of the European Courier, laid out the essential […]


CENSORED IN 1985: THE GREEN RIVER MURDER CASE There are some serial murders, like the Hillside Strangler, the Atlanta Murders, and the Night Stalker, that attract nationwide media coverage and generate massive public outrage. There are others, like the Green River Murder Case, that don’t. The Green River Case is an on-going, unsolved (at this […]

Nominal DFT President Keith Johnson tries to cheat his way back into office,

For Immediate Release:                      Johnson collaborates with DPS EFM Rob Bobb in dismantling public education in Detroit Contact: Steve Conn. 313-645-9340 Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) nominal president Keith Johnson has brought internal union charges against union activists Steve Conn, Heather Miller and Tracy Arneau in a desperate attempt to bureaucratically eliminate opposition to his illegal […]

AIDS and 9/11

AIDS and 9/11  By Terry Morrone I’ve learned from 9/11 that the US government and the news media lie and distort on a grand scale. The evidence that 9/11 was an inside job is overwhelming. Yet the media vilifies dissidents, labeling them conspiracy theorists. Here are some parallels between AIDS and 9/11. In each case […]

“Quantitative Easing”: What Does It Mean?

The capitalist economists and the mass media called it a second round of “quantitative easing” or QE II, and most workers when hearing such a term would simply throw up their hands and turn to the next news item. That is, if the workers heard about it at all. They would figure they could never […]


CENSORED IN 1989: SOMETHING FOUL IN THE CHICKEN INDUSTRY AND THE USDA The number of cases of salmonella has risen to 2.5 million a year and led to an estimated 500,000 hospitalizations and 9,000 deaths. This national epidemic was caused by a massive leap in consumer demand for the “healthier food” of chicken and by […]

Is the Media Being Vigilant Enough in Covering the Oil Spill?

By Guest Blogger Anthony DiMaggio A new Pew Research Center poll finds strong public support for media in its coverage of the gulf oil crisis.  Sixty-seven percent of respondents report having “a lot” or “some” confidence in “news organizations” in their reporting on the oil crisis.  This is significantly higher than those displaying “a lot” […]

Can America Have a Quick Recovery from Economic Contraction? -Three Directions for Job Creation

By Guest Blogger Liping Chen, Job creation has been a major problem since the Bush administration.  2009 was marked as a year of spending with unfulfilled economic recovery. President Obama, in his State of the Union address, pledged ‘jobs must be our number-one focus in 2010’, and proposed ‘a new small business tax credit’ and […]