Assange: Snowden received a refugee document from Ecuador

Latest news on Edward Snowden from El Telegrafo, an official Ecuadorian newspaper, June 24th, 2013: Julian Assange did not reveal the whereabouts of the former employee of the CIA, but said he is “in a safe place.” Agencies The founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, said today that the ex-technical employee of the CIA, Edward […]

Why surveillance is not okay

User 161719 on reddit recently wrote an excellent post on why surveillance is not okay and it needs to be spread as far and wide as possible. I live in a country generally assumed to be a dictatorship. One of the Arab spring countries. I have lived through curfews and have seen the outcomes of […]

Bestselling Chief Economist goes public: US a criminal oligarchy

Source: Carl Herman, Seventy weeks on the NY Times bestselling-list was the outcome of Chief Economist John Perkins book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Here is a short version of his story; excerpt below from the excellent interview by the Daily Bell. I call for a “turn around” from the criminal economic system the US suffers under: a […]

Are Israeli art students spying in Utah?

 Is there door-to-door spying by Israelis in Utah?  Some very strange activities are occurring in America.  Take the latest activity that came across my radar this morning.  Perhaps you have heard about it, but most likely you have not. In a recent article by Brent Hunsaker for ABC4, online, we find that: “Sales people working […]

American Mantra: Free Market Capitalism and Obama

American Mantra: Free Market Capitalism and Obama By Peter Phillips Free Market Capitalism remains the dominant American ideological truth. The decline of communism opened the door for unrepentant free marketers to boldly espouse market competition as the final solution for global harmony. According to the American mantra, if given the opportunity to freely develop, the […]


CENSORED IN 1980: BIG BROTHER NSA IS LISTENING TO YOU        Harrison E. Salisbury, respected Pulitzer Prize-winning editor and foreign and domestic correspondent for the New York Times, broke the extraordinary story about the National Security Agency. The NSA is the largest security agency in the U.S., larger than the CIA or the FBI, […]

Department of Justice blocking Obama's review of CIA Programs

Obama’s transition team being greeted with the same secrecy and frustration that helped him get elected in the first place. Daily Kos, ThinkProgress According to the Blog of Legal Times, the Justice Department is blocking President-elect Obama’s agency review team’s request “to review classified legal opinions related to secret CIA and National Security Agency programs.” […]