How Many Straws Before The Last One?

We are in dire economic straits in many states, counties, cities in this country of ours.  We are closing schools, laying off police and fire fighters.  Our streets are eroding.  The GOP is waging war on the middle and lower classes and we have a president who has an egg noodle for a backbone.  I […]

Republicans are out for blood- Yours.

The Republicans want to kill the health care bill.  They want to strip kids from their parent’s coverage.  They want to eliminate affordable coverage for people who have lost insurance along with their jobs.  They want to put a cap back on the amount of coverage your health insurance will have to pay.  AND, they […]

Open Letter to President Obama

Mr.President, I have heard a lot lately about your concern for your ratings.  You wonder why your ratings are in the toilet.  In your idiotic drive to get a consensus with the Republicans, you are selling out the people who elected you.  The old adage, “He who tries to please everyone pleases NO one!” You […]

Will the Real Experts on Health Care Please Stand Up?

Ever notice who is not being given a voice in the discussion over a national health care plan?  We hear from plenty of politicians, lobbyists, insurance company executives, and even the occasional small business owner who complains that health care will run her out of business.  Let me give you a hint as to who […]