Please read and circulate! This resolution is modeled on the resolution passed by more than 360 Texas school boards as of April 23, 2012. It was written by Advancement Project; Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund; FairTest; Forum for Education and Democracy; MecklenburgACTS; Deborah Meier; NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.; […]

Universal Public Education Is Dead (Expanded)

The National Education Association (NEA) received criticism for publishing an Op-Ed with Teach for America (TFA). Ken Bernstein found the piece to be “unbelievable,” while raising the possibility that union members felt betrayed. Anthony Cody first responded with “I just don’t get it,” and then raised this question: “I wonder how it is possible to […]

MLK Jr. Day 2012: Organizations v. Community

Let me preface this commentary with a confession: I have lived my entire life in South Carolina, a non-union state, and I have always felt a tug toward a Henry David Thoreau-Groucho Marx-Woody Allen-esque recalcitrance to join anything. That said, I have come to see a powerful and often unspoken distinction between organizations, about which […]

To all defenders of public education: BAMN

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is hosting an International Summit on the Teaching Profession in New York City on March 16-17. It is by “invitation only” and timed to take place right before the “Celebration of Teaching and Learning” at the NYC Hilton. Duncan will be using this international platform to push the school […]

The NEA Representative Assembly Proves the Education Agenda is a War Agenda

The NEA Representative Assembly Proves the Education Agenda is a War Agenda by Rich Gibson, July 2010Rouge Forum Rank and File Summary The 2010 Representative Assembly (RA) of the 3.2 million member National Education Association offers clear proof that the U.S. education agenda is a war agenda. It is an empire’s war agenda and a […]

Arne Duncan and his privatizing cohorts not invited to the National Educators Association: Duncan and Obama refuse to cut monies from Race to the Top, preferring to let teachers line up for unemployment benefits

  No invite for Secretary of Mis-Education, Arne Duncan at The National Education Association The National Education Association Convention is still going on this week in New Orleans with resolutions remaining be turned in.  What is interesting is that not one of the Obama administration’s cohorts was invited to speak at the convention.  Neither Arne […]