The US/Taliban Information War

  A bizarre random thought occurred to me a few nights ago. What if the alleged February 21st Koran burning at Bagram prison in Afghanistan never actually happened? Or if it happened, but without the involvement of any US troops? What if the whole thing was an ingenious Taliban psy-ops (psychological operation)? It’s not as […]

Indestructible! Nothing Can Stop it! The Bubble

In 1958, The Blob – a gelatinous B-movie creature from outer space  – crash landed in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania consuming whatever poor screaming extra happened to be directed into its path. “Devoid of personality and intelligence,” The Blob expanded relentlessly in Cold War America, moving from the screen to the our “popular consciousness,” becoming something of […]

YouTube Pulls Down Controversial Rihanna Video Over Questionable Copyright Claim

By guest blogger Josh Wolf You Tube pulled R&B singer Rihanna’s latest music video from her official VEVO channel early Friday afternoon citing a copyright claim from the RIAA. The video has come under fire by family values activists over its violent narrative that tells the story of the singer shooting dead the man who […]