Strategic Relocation: Boston

While Americans read about ‘chuckle head’ news broadcasters and how they were amused by a celebrity on the Huffington Post, Boston is experiencing what can only be called ‘martial law’. Alex Jones, hated by many but often spot on when it comes to such issues, has now given the public their first look at military […]

The Shock Doctrine and the privatized shadow state

  The following is by Steve Miller It has been a decade since the US invaded Iraq in March 2003, ignoring worldwide protests - the largest public demand for peace in world history. The war in Afghanistan, begun in 2001, continues to this day. The military budget tops out at a trillion dollars a year, […]

The Roman and US Empires: A point of view

The Roman and US Empires: A point of view “There is nothing so frightening as ignorance in action.”  — Goethe First published May 7, 2010 The fall of the Roman Empire has been the subject of much debate and comment for many centuries.  Indeed, the founding of our own republic was built on the founders […]

Top ten reasons to rescind Obama's Nobel Peace prize

  10.  militarization of domestic police force   9.  internment of Bradley Manning   8.  mass incarceration of undocumented residents   7.  Guantanamo Bay detention camp   6.  military tribunals   5.  secret overseas prisons   4.  HR347   3.  NDAA   2.  targeted killings of Americans   1.  Drone strikes against civilians