The Games We Play

I have a friend who pays nearly 40% more than the average to keep his house cool so he can walk around in oxford cloth shirts, slacks, and sweats.  He wants no changes in healthcare because his state funded insurance and Medicare provide him with the best health care that is out there.  He shares […]

Been feeling a bit battered lately?

Have you been feeling battered lately?  I think I know why.  I was having a real problem making sense of this country in the face of wanton greed, ignorance, and narcissism on an order of magnitude that seems so entirely impossible and yet here it is. From a “Move-On” mailer I learned that the Republican […]

A Reply To The Fosters Of This Country

I wrote a blog about my concerns that between the Tea-Baggers and the Supreme Court, that unless something changes dramatically in the very near future, I fear greatly for this country. The blog was (and entitled) “Short, but not so sweet.”  I snagged one of those selfish bastards I am so worried about.  Because he […]


Let me state up front that I detest misogyny.  With that said, I must say that this country is at serious risk.  Headlines tell us that 2,300 people are running for office in the upcoming elections—most of them are Republican women.  Normally I would be delighted to see the glass ceiling being challenged.  However, these […]

There is a thing about "Opinions."

I have got to answer JFoster My mother warned me about arguing or discussing with certain kinds of people, but there was entirely too much disinformation in one comment to ignore.  And lastly, I have to say that people who think they know everything are a real pain in butt to those of us who […]

How bad does it have to get?

Somebody wrote a column about toxins and autism in this country.  In 1943 hardly anyone in this country had ever heard of it.  Now it affects almost 1% of our children.  There was a small flurry of letters and the topic disappears from our consciousness for another millennia. Ortho Weed Killer - Pest Control - […]