Sean Hannity wins Media Matters "Misinformer of the year"

And the award goes to….Fox News pundit and wing-nut Sean Hannity. What a year for Hannity; I thought he really showed his true colors during his “special report” when he used Anti-semit radical Andy Martin as a credible source. But that was just a snack compared to his main course of nightly lies and distortion […]

O'Reilly on Soon to be Canceled Radio Program "I was doing a show that was fact based"

As news comes out that The Radio Factor will come to a much needed end by next year, Bill O’Reilly just cant help but make yet another false self assessment. “I knew my show couldn’t be ideological..So I was doing a show that was fact-based….” Fortunate for the rest of the world, his arch-enemy and […]