Shock Video: California Police Break Into Home, Taze Victims

See the video on Youtube for another incident of the rising police state.

Strategic Relocation: Boston

While Americans read about ‘chuckle head’ news broadcasters and how they were amused by a celebrity on the Huffington Post, Boston is experiencing what can only be called ‘martial law’. Alex Jones, hated by many but often spot on when it comes to such issues, has now given the public their first look at military […]

Is Obama Preparing for Martial Law?

Is Obama preparing for martial law? All the signs say yes. Many prominent market analysts predict the US economy will collapse some time in 2013. They fully believe Americans will wake up one morning and learn the government has closed all the banks, as they have in Cyprus. When this happens, there will be long […]

Bush's Treasonous Plan To Attack America and Install 'Fuhrer's Law'

This March shocking new details have been revealed about George W. Bush and his legal council John Yoo’s memos outlining the destruction of the United States Republic. The memos laid the foundation for the President to order the military to wage war against the US population and to rewrite of the US Constitution. Constitutional scholar […]