Senators Harkin &Hagan propose restricting abusive marketing practices by for profit colleges

 On April 18, 2012 US Senators Tom  Harkin and Kay Hagan introduced a bill to prohibit all colleges  from using money from federal student assistance programs, including Title IV student loans and grants, Veterans benefits and the GI Bill, to pay for marketing, advertising and recruiting ( The bill was precipitated by aggressive and misleading […]

#sixwordessay Helps Teachers Reclaim Education Debate

In the last year, the national education debate has been occupied by economists, billionaires, hedge-fund managers, corporate columnists and party-politicians –indeed, it seems like the further a person is from the classroom, the more weight his opinion carries. Call it the Gates Paradox – the power of your voice in the “education reform” debate is […]

A Brief History Of the Lies Told By The Washington Post

While it is difficult to say when those who run the Washington Post began lying or how many lies they have told.  The Graham family (major stock holders in the company traded as WaPo) and their cohorts continue to shamelessly lie. Editor Marcus Brauchli and Publisher Katharine Weymouth, were caught lying to the New York Times about […]

Corporate Greed Gone Global. Toyota Sales & Marketing Spin Control at Congressional hearings today; rings of criminal negligence.

After watching today’s Toyota Hearings with Jim Lentz, President & Cheif Operating Officer of U.S. Toyota; whose primary background, based on his statements today, is Sales & Marketing; There were many things that were glaringly apparent as I watched muttering to myself during the entire hearing. I find it interesting that some say Mr. Lentz […]