Our Broken Government

In order for our government to work, the political parties  (in our case both) must believe in a common good.  They have different ways to get there, but they must, for the good of the country, be willing to compromise and work together to get there. The stakes are getting much higher.  The world is […]

National Blogger Censored by his Publisher

Carlos Miller, whose whose blog Photography is Not A Crime tirelessly covers the intersection of police and cameras, thought he had come  upon as story made of pure gold, it had sex, a lawless cop, and even a kitten. But when his publisher pulled the article without even contacting him, he saw his profits plummet. […]

The Puppet Masters

The “New Yorker” magazine is probably the most independent, important mainstream media source in our country.  I first heard of this article on NPR, when they interviewed the author.  I doubt that you will be able to finish reading this, but the Koch brothers and their hands in American politics must be known.  Personally, between […]

Scanners Aren't the Solution

There’s been a push towards scanners since the attempted bombing of flight 253. We take a look at why they aren’t the solution.

Lost in the Shuffle - A Marxist Analysis of the Economic Crisis

From the far right to the radical left, all sorts of analyses of the ongoing economic crisis have been put forward. These range from the claim on the far right that too many poor people were allowed to buy houses to the claim that the mere existence of the Federal Reserve Bank (the “Fed”) is […]

Synopsis of The Sycophantic Culture by Henry Pelifian

The culture in the United States embodied by our government, educational system and society’s ethics has evolved in a way where the individual must conform or face the consequences of either ostracism or neglect. Criticism of government, education or of America is usually unwelcome and critics are often labelled complainers or worse. Patriotism means silence, […]

Poor Picked-on Israel! (Part One)

Poor Picked On Israel! (Part One) Robert Abele, Ph.D. You can listen to this story here Buried behind the headlines concerning the national party of elites called the presidential inaugural is a far more gruesome and ongoing story. It is now such a daily news headliner that we are becoming immune to it: Israel steps up […]