Global youth unemployment: The lost generation and surplus labor

( May 1st 2013, 19:35 by NEARLY a quarter of the world’s young people are economically inactive - not in employment, education or training. Failing to employ the young today damages growth now and in the future….. But the Economist misses the fact that rising surplus labor, those that do not work, is connected […]

Pity the Poor Luddite: The end of work under capitalism and the rise of the surplus labor army

“Pity the poor Luddites! No movement in history has done more underserved service as an ideological whipping boy.  For nearly two centuries, this small contingent of the doomed and desperate men who struggled across the pages of English history in a few brief outbursts between 1811 and 1816 has been a favorite target for the […]

"The Digital Disruption - Technology & Economics for the 99%"

Originally published at Occupy.Com by Peter Brown Peter Brown teaches Manufacturing Technology at Laney College in Oakland. This was developed from a YouTube Peter did that you can find at: Also, check out Peter’s blog at: Or at Facebook; Robotic automation is a subject we rarely hear mentioned in all the […]