An Open letter to the White House,

I have received repeated letters asking me to contribute to beat the Republicans/Tea Party/Koch Brothers/Corporate America, all of whom are richer than God and certainly richer than I and everyone I know collectively.  And, I know a few, very comfortable people.  While I am not a fan of pissing into the wind, that is NOT […]

Department of Education wants principals to censor student speech

Under the guise of defeating bullying, the US Department of Education has stated that it wants school principals to censor student speech, particularly in the cafeteria and at online sites, such as Facebook. School principals are being threatened by the DOE with lawsuits if they do not adhere to what special interest groups deem to […]

Do we want the next generation to grow up comfortable with being tracked?

In the past year, there has been an expedited push to force many people to accept biometrics as normal tracking tools for everyday life. Online, we often read of new tools capable of tracking our every move so that our behavior can be tracked, targeted, and sold to advertisers. Several groups and individuals, however, have […]

An open letter to Reverend Eric Lee in response to his suggesting I'm misrepresenting him

These gentlemen wrote me, I believe in response to a recent article I penned called Discussing School Privatization, Propositions 25 and 24 with Inglewood residents. I only mentioned the Reverend in passing. The article was much more focused on poverty pimps and privatization pushers like Shirley Ford of the so-called Parent Revolution, which is a […]

Historic March for Jobs, Justice & Peace in Detroit

Readers- If you have not heard about the scheduled march for peace, justice and civil rights in Detroit tomorrow, Saturday the 28th, it is due to the sock puppet press’ monopolizing the corporate airwaves with news of Glenn Beck.  Glenn Beck might sell better for the forces of profit maximization and oligarchy but the real […]

Pelican Bay Prison and Revolution Newspaper

Pelican Bay State Prison Feels the Heat Prison Officials Attempt a Cover-up of the Ban on Revolution Newspaper Mobilize to Say: NO WAY! by Leslie Rose “This letter is to advise you that your weekly periodical ‘Revolution’, will not be delivered to inmates housed at Pelican Bay State Prison. Your periodical newspaper has been determined […]

Testing, one, two, three - Summary of Chavez Education Conference 4/30-5/1/2010

    Well over 300 students, educators, parents and community members attended the sixth annual Chavez Educational Conference held at Fresno State University. Attendees, presenters, and keynotes came from all over California and as far away as Colorado.  Eleven break out session covered the two days- some of which were repeated twice. The Chavez committee […]