Please read and circulate! This resolution is modeled on the resolution passed by more than 360 Texas school boards as of April 23, 2012. It was written by Advancement Project; Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund; FairTest; Forum for Education and Democracy; MecklenburgACTS; Deborah Meier; NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.; […]

No Rest for Allende’s Remains

By Ernesto Carmona One week after judge Mario Carroza accepted the suicide thesis regarding Dr. Salvador Allende and arranged delivery of the body to his family, his remains remain in the Santiago morgue awaiting a new funeral, planned for September 4 by his daughter Isabel, senator for the Socialist party. The most relevant legacy of […]

Prison Phone Rates Exploit Prisoners’ Families With Kickbacks to States

Press Release from Prison Legal News Nationwide Research Finds Excessive Prison Phone Rates Exploit Prisoners’ Families Brattleboro, VT – Prison Legal News (PLN), a monthly publication that covers criminal justice-related issues, released a report this past weekend at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston that examines prison phone rates nationwide. The report, based […]

The 'Gruel' of law

Graduating ignorance: law school, grade inflation and the currency of ‘toxic derivative diplomas’ I remember my enthusiasm when I first hit law school in 1980.  I had been practicing without a license for years in Sonoma County, California.  Tenant organizing had led me and a friend to author the first Rent Control ordinance in 1975 […]