Rozy Press: former LAUSD teacher takes on the Ca. Worker's Comp system

Rozy Press has been fighting the Workman’s Compensation system and the Los Angeles Unified District for quite some time.  In the following you can read her latest piece on her case. Readers can also Google Rozy at and follow her case.  She can be contacted at the address and number following her article. WOW!!! […]


By ROZY PRESS CORRUPT CA. WORKERS’ COMP: Injured Workers must Unite Together to Stop the Injustice and the Horrific treatment that we as Injured Workers have had to endure. Not one more Injured Worker should lose everything, their health and life. All because of the goal of Workers’ Comp to Lower the Ratings and Deny […]

From Rozy Press: Rev. Edward Pinkney's radio show growing every week

HI WONDERFUL FRIENDS                  EXCITING NEWS                           I WILL BE ON THE    REV. EDWARD PINKNEY’S SHOW     Audience Growing Every Week           SUNDAY, DEC. 30, 2012                 2-3:45 PM-PST     BLOGTALKRADIO/PINKNEY TO PINKNEY SHOW                                   ARCHIVED SHOWS                    CALL IN # 347 994-3644          UNITED WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE **JOIN REV. PINKNEY […]

Vote Robert Skeels for school board of LAUSD: Stop the dismantling of education

Positions on Major Issues and News‎ > ‎ Statement of Principles From Robert Skeels in his bid for School Board of Los Angeles Unified School District. Robert is a long time fighter on causes from hunger to edcuation. He deserves our support and we deserve and need Robert. Positions on Major Issues and News‎ > ‎ […]

Mónica García champions the Gülenist Charter Movement in LAUSD

“This increasingly well-rooted network provides the Gulen Movement with daily access to the minds of over 45,000 students, and yearly access to hundreds of millions of hard-earned tax dollars.” — Sharon Higgins Charter schools are privately managed entities with negligible oversight, but funded with public money. The somewhat secretive Gülenist Islamic sect, named after charismatic […]