Startling revelations from a Swiss banking insider

  (interview with a Swiss banker  done in Mosсow 30.05.2011)   Q: Can you tell us something about your involvement in the Swiss banking business? A: I have worked for Swiss banks for many years. I was designated as one of the top directors of one of the biggest Swiss banks. During my work I was […]

The Rise of the Penthouse Punk

Stand on the corner of iconic Haight Street and Ashbury, the epicenter of the 60s countercultural movement, and you can still find a vestige of the anti-establishment ethos: the Gutter-Punk.  Slumping on the sidewalk begging with an impish smile, the Gutter Punk invariably sports his (or her) uniform: a ragged black sweater plastered with patches, […]

The one time of year it's “OK” to dress like a slut

Halloween has lost that scary, spooky vibe. No longer do I get the chance to go to the Haunted House or partake in the haunted hayrides – there is just no time. Life consists of school, studying, and work with very little of the necessities in life such as sleep (and now I’m blogging). But, […]