LA Unified Schools: Pythagorean approach to measuring student progress mandated by court ruling

The case in Los Angeles was filed as Doe et al v. Deasy and over the objections of teachers and administrators groups, the Los Angeles Unified School District was ordered Tuesday, by a judge, to use students’ academic achievement in their teachers’ evaluations ( The lawsuit should be called Ed Voice v. LAUSD – but […]

Another Big School Anti-Privatization Victory today for teachers, students, parents, and the citizens of Detroit!

With the successful march on Washington, April 10, 2010 in front of Arne’s cubbyhole and the recent victories handed to BAM and Detroit Schools, Arne Duncan and his cronies must have their underwear in a knot. City by city they had been having their way but now that the forces, mostly made up of students and teachers, are standing up to Race to the Top and catching whiff of the negative consequences of the flawed policy, Duncan must feel frustrated.


YOU BE THE JUDGE: The Associated Press vs Project Censored   The results for top news stories of 2009 are in and it’s time to compare them. Following, on the left, are the top 10 news stories of 2009 according to 117 U.S. editors and news directors voting in The Associated Press annual poll released […]

Congress Reviews the Issue of Judicial Recusal

The issue of recusal now being reviewed by the House Committee on the Judiciary, is but a subpart of greater issue which Congress must investigate based on  the evidence of a conspiracy of government attorneys and judges declaring themselves absolutely immune from suit for tortious and/or criminal obstruction of justice by denying access to an […]

Poor Fathers Go Directly to Jail

Judges in Lee County, Florida are throwing poor fathers in jail for failure to pay child support, even ones who are unemployed and suffering from disabilities.