Washington Post competes with 'Fixed News' for propaganda

Donald Graham’s little corporate bulletin, The Washington Post, is now engulfed in another nefarious affair.  This time, as in the recent past (http://www.dailycensored.com/2012/07/26/washington-post-reporter-allows-college-officials-to-alter-story-on-controversial-test/), when the Post allowed Daniel DeVise, their journalist or stenographer, to alter his story about college tests with the help of college officials, they have cooked the news once again. The Post mirrors […]

Judge says blogger is not a journalist: action designed to put fear into the heart of independent investigative journalists and muzzle the internet

  Jeff Barnard of the Associated Press published in the Boston Globe today, December 8th, the following which should be of concern to all of us who do alternative media and especially those of us who do investigative journalistic work.  Deep pockets can bankrupt an average person looking to do investigative journalism.  This ruling by […]

Helen Thomas Denounces DC Greed, Fear, War-Mongers

Pioneering White House correspondent Helen Thomas told a National Press Club audience this week that the country is endangered by what she called government leaders’ greed, fear, and subservience to war-mongers.

Media Revolution: Why the mass media is almost universally trash; and why this must change, and is changing

Corporate and state ownership, dependency on advertising money, careerism, group think, staffing cuts, hyper-concision, syndication bastardization and non-democratic hierarchical power structures: need we say more? * The majority of people are now highly sceptical of the mass media, as well as corporate and political elites and all of our major social institutions, as global polls […]

NATO’s War on Libya is a Progaganda Fest

By Peter Phillips Cynthia Mckinney is on a Truth Tour describing the corporate media lies regarding NATO’s intervention in Libya. The British are bragging about their special forces leading the rebels. Several thousands NATO airstrikes have taken place. And the western oil companies are lining up for their share of the spoils. Imperialism continues under […]

Murdoch’s knife in the heart of journalism

By Saul Landau Rupert Murdoch finally got his you know what caught in the proverbial ringer – for his employees’ hacking, not for contributing to the prolonged murder of English-language journalism. Wars, revolutions, famines and disasters occurred and Murdoch’s “journalists” juxtaposed lurid “blood” photos with half naked “Zoozoos” who divorced “Googoos” to wed “HooHahs.” Stories […]

Project Censored Awardee Wadner Pierre Speaks About His Experience Covering Manmade and Natural Disasters in Haiti

By Brandon Fastman, 11/21/10 Wadner Pierre was studying Computer Science in 2004 when Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was overthrown in a coup d’état. Soon after, Pierre’s step-father, a Catholic priest who protested Aristide’s overthrow, was thrown in jail. At that point Pierre decided he could no longer continue his studies without taking a stake in […]

Top Global Media Figures of 2009

PU L S E has just released their list of the top Global Media Figures of 2009. Include in the list is Nora Barrows-Friedman and Dennis Bernstein from Flashpoints Radio at KPFA in Berkeley. Flashpoints has recently been under threat by management at KPFA loosing over 50% of its funding in the past three years. […]

The Chinese CNN?

It has been well documented that the Chinese Media Machine has been working over time to get its nationalist message out that dissidence will not be tolerated, but with more and more of the country’s younger population able to hack through the government controlled Internet, China must do something.  God forbid if the Chinese population […]