The Joke's on You

Abbeyville is in the middle of nowhere.  At least that is how it seems when I drive past the huge regional high school on my way down to the Gulf of Mexico.  I was surprised to hear the community mentioned on the news.  It seems that rural America is running out of money.  To cope, […]

Cheer Up. Things Could Be Worse!

“Cheer up, things could be worse,” goes the old joke.  I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse.  I actually said that to my friend as he was lamenting the passing of the most horrible decade in our lives.  It was a joke last night.  This a.m. it is no longer funny.   I was […]

Obama’s surge

Obama’s surge, will it work?  What a stupid question.  First of all, Bush’s surge didn’t work.  Everyone said it did because he sent over all those troops and the fighting stopped.  Never mind that the Sunnis and Shiites were already driven out of or killed in each of the other’s communities.  Never mind that the […]