Opposing the Jewish National Fund and Israeli Apartheid (Radio Exclusive)‏

Please click the link below to listen to the entire program on archive now: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/your-world-news/2011/08/15/opposing-the-jewish-national-fund-and-israeli-apartheid Join us this episode as we spoke with Noura Erakat about the Jewish National Fund and its role in ethnically cleansing Native Palestinians from their land in 1948 all the way to our present day and time. The Jewish National […]

The Alan Gross Case: Could Twelve Dozen = Five?

Someone, perhaps the protagonist himself, made a mistake — perhaps an “oversight,” as Washington bureaucrats label their errors. Alan Gross, on a mission for his company (DAI) working for US AID (United States Agency for International Development) solicited a tourist visa to travel to Cuba for the purpose of “promoting democracy,” a euphemism for undermining […]

Anti War Protests Break Out in Israel

In what looks to be some of the largest protests that Israel has seen in awhile, we can see that Arab and Jewish Israelis alike have had enough.  As Jesse Rissin Rosenfeld, a freelance journalist based in Tel Aviv explains in the video, the Israeli government has even tried to stop the peaceful protests from happening. […]