Finland explores expanding child porn filters

Who would ever be against child porn? That’s what Finland thought when in 2006 when they implemented their child porn filters on the internet. Surely, no one would be against blocking such detrimental information. Certainly, no one wants to accidentally visit such a website and, so, Finland passed and implemented their blocking technology to keep […]

Breaking down the six strikes law

Several major ISPs have revealed how they intend to implement the new six strikes law that intends to curb piracy. It has some major flaws and questionable procedures that the ISPs believe will educate the casual pirate. The ISPs plan on accomplishing this in three phases. Despite the “six strikes” moniker, both Verizon and Time […]

Censorship, child pornography, and the internet

Censorship on the internet should never be allowed in any form. We often think of censorship, particularly online, as happening in far away places such as China, Egypt, Iran, or Saudi Arabia, but it occurs everywhere and it’s increasing. Currently, in most parts of the world, you can access every nook and cranny of the […]

Do we really need driver's licenses for the Internet?

Cyber attacks are on the rise and everyone who connects to the internet needs to educate themselves in possible attacks and be diligent in keeping them at bay. The International Telcommunications Union, a UN agency, believes that the only way to do this is to require a type of driver’s license for anyone who wishes […]

Azerbaijan Censoring Media

As we have seen in other Russian supported states, media and news are being censored in a bad way.  In a place where radio dominates all other media outlets, we can only hope that Internet access will become more available and will stay uncensored.  Chances of the keeping Internet sites such as this one available […]