Cotacachi, Ecuador: A new form of democracy has been born in this small town in the north of Ecuador. And the world is beginning to find its way here in recognition of that fact

  You can read part one of this series at: I am currently in Cotacachi, Ecuador where a new form of democracy is taking hold.  It is called “participatory democracy” and in this small village, located high in the Andes, the concept is not only taking hold, it is growing. Here in Cotacachi many […]

Cotacachi, Ecuador: Participatory democracy and 'another world is happening'!

The following was published in 2008 by Linda McFarlin at: The story is in three parts.  Here we meet Cesar Alvear Morales and then part one and two deals directly with the notion of ‘participatory democracy’ that is taking place in Cotacachi, Ecuador.  Not only is another world possible, another world is already being […]