3-minute video: US policies cause poverty, terrorism, war to enrich US oligarchs

source: Carl Herman Renegade Economist has a brilliant 3-minute video (at left) to explain US foreign policy as predatory imperialism. Their upcoming Feature Documentary, Four Horsemen, will build upon public understanding from the 2011 Academy Award Winner, Inside Job, to recognize oligarchic looting in the trillions of dollars every year. Former Chief Economist, John Perkins, also has […]

The War in Libya is NOT for Humanitarian Reasons (YWN Radio/A Must Listen)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/your-world-news/2011/03/25/war-in-libya-is-not-for-humanitarian-reason Please Join us this episode as we break down and crumble the rubbish and lies being fed to the world by the US and NATO for their war of imperialism on yet another brown nation! US government officials and their partners in crime (the Corporate Media) continue to bang the drums of death and […]

Memorializing Freedom Fighters & Liberation Struggles‏

www.blogtalkradio.com/your-world-news Please join us for an important and electric discussion around freedom, liberation, self determination and resistance. We will be paying memorial honor to various freedom fighters and activists! Naturally this show will also delve into imperialism, colonization, and numerous forms of slavery (mental, physical, economic, etc). As always we will offer up critical analysis […]

Nativo Lopez: Legalization or No Reelection

Nativo Lopez is the National Director or Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana and the National President Mexican American Political Association (MAPA). He prepared the following English and Spanish versions of this speech for the massive May Day march and rally in Los Angeles. Sadly, the conservatism of the liberal immigrant rights groups, coupled with the sectarianism of […]

US Corporate Media Propagandizes Haiti Tragedy

The following analysis traces the long history of imperial domination and exploitation of Haiti by the United States. The US Corporate media covers the “humanitarian’ message of US military control and fails to include the historical context of over 100 years of imperialism. Haiti’s tragedy: A crime of US imperialism By Bill Van Auken, The […]

Torture, Rendition & Detention…OBAMA-STYLE

The nightmare of rendition kidnapping, indefinite detention and gruesome torture has not gone away by having Bush leave office and Obama take over. Obama is making sure that his agents and lawmakers are above the law by upholding the Bush era proclamations concerning ‘state secret privileges.’ Obama is taking the very same position Bush did on […]