The entire California Adult School System faces extinction: Mobilize to stop it the closures June 12th

The ugly face of privatization and financialization are not turned solely at our nation’s youth.  The loaded guns also have their sites set on doing away with adult public education. Going back to school to sharpen your skills, take the class you always wanted, develop your potential, become a better citizen by sharpening your critical […]

It can't happen here? Hope Academy Charter School in Detroit raided by ICE and Robert Bobb flees from BAMN, parents, teachers and students

In Germany they first came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came […]


On September 27, Cuban state television aired a new kind of Reality Show featuring a strange “black hat” as people call the bad guys in the old oaters. Francisco Chavez Abarca, a Salvadoran neuvo-method actor, played the role of Luis Posada Carriles’ top ranch hand – only he didn’t wear a six-gun or challenge John […]

Who Says Immigration Is a Crisis?

The crisis that is not a crisis, immigration.  As I understand it, there are two parts to this border crossing thing.  One part is the drug smuggling.  Given the size of the American drug habit, we are looking at convoys of container ships making their way into this country.  We are definitely not talking about […]

New Immigration Law: Capitalism & Immigration = Fascism

By Elbert “Big Man” Howard Arizona’s newly-passed law, SP 1070, firstly, allows police officers to subjectively determine what race they think a person is along with how poorly a command of the English language they believe the person has. Secondly, this law allows these law enforcement officers at will, based on these racist methods, to stop, detain, harass, question, demand identification, […]

Nativo Lopez: Legalization or No Reelection

Nativo Lopez is the National Director or Hermandad Mexicana Latinoamericana and the National President Mexican American Political Association (MAPA). He prepared the following English and Spanish versions of this speech for the massive May Day march and rally in Los Angeles. Sadly, the conservatism of the liberal immigrant rights groups, coupled with the sectarianism of […]

How many more times do we need to shoot down REAL-ID

At least one more time. Provisions for a national ID card are included in the new Democratic Immigration bill. Not satisfied that we fought against REAL-ID as the answer to terrorism, it’s now being pushed as an answer to illegal immigration. The proposal is called the Real Enforcement with Practical Answers for Immigration Reform (REPAIR) […]

Americans to be punished for government incompetence over illegal immigrants

Illegal immigration has been a problem for the United States for over a century. It’s a political hot topic and measures put into place to prevent it fail on a regular basis. Senators Schumer and Graham have introduced a bill that they hope will prevent illegal immigration. The major problem with the bill is that […]

Massive Immigrant Rights March In Phoenix

U.S.: Anti-Arpaio March Reignites Pro-Immigrant Movement Valeria Fernández PHOENIX, Arizona, Jan 17 (IPS) - Over 20,000 people marched in the streets of Phoenix Saturday in the first mass mobilisation of the year, calling for an end to the criminalisation of undocumented immigrants and the passage of immigration reform legislation. Arizona is considered ground zero for […]