Robert Reich vs the Denizens

Robert Reich vs The Denizens Robert Reich was Secretary of Labor under Clinton and is generally considered a forward-thinking voice for progress. He is a professor of public policy at UC Berkeley. Reich likes to make critiques of the US economy. He cultivates the persona of a nice and reasonable individual. He can rail against […]

Father of Four Fights Felony Immigration Charges to Keep His Family Together: SIGN THE PETITION AND FORWARD!  On September 13th and 14th, the case of Alfredo Avila-Mendez will go before a jury in Federal District Court before Judge Cook.  He has been charged with the felony of “re-entry” - returning to the U.S. after a deportation. All he is guilty of is trying to keep his family together. Alfredo is married […]

The entire California Adult School System faces extinction: Mobilize to stop it the closures June 12th

The ugly face of privatization and financialization are not turned solely at our nation’s youth.  The loaded guns also have their sites set on doing away with adult public education. Going back to school to sharpen your skills, take the class you always wanted, develop your potential, become a better citizen by sharpening your critical […]