Why the TSA won't improve its image anytime soon

The DHS, TSA, and CBP want to improve its tarnished image. After the criticism that has befallen the TSA since last fall when they mass-introduced full body scanners, it’s no surprise that they are now universally hated. The problem, however, is that the TSA can never improve their image as long as they continue to […]

Education, a new perspective

Perspective is an interesting concept.  Where is the viewer relative to the vanishing point?  Move one or the other and the image changes dramatically.  I was moved this a.m.  I was moved by a feature piece about new technology and how it is affecting the third world. E-Readers were introduced to children in Ghana.  Thanks […]

Feds Drop Scandal-Prone Star Witness In Politicized NJ Witch-Hunt

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s image as a crime-fighting, cost-conscious reformer worthy of 2012 Presidential consideration has taken big hits during the last month.