Criminals Serving as Selective American Examples

From Whose Perspective will You Follow: Thugs, Criminals and Slave Owners Serving as Selective American  Examples By Solomon Comissiong Like most US holidays, many American “heroes”, are manufactured based on a significantly flawed and biased “value” system. Individuals like Andrew Jackson, George Washington, Woodrow Wilson and Ronald Reagan, are routinely propped up throughout public school […]

Struggle, Resistance and Progress: 2010 Recap and 2011 Forecast‏ 2010 was a particularly tough year within the stolen borders of American, and throughout the globe—for that matter. The global economic crisis, caused by rapacious Wall Street Bankers and fueled by inhumane US capitalism, continued to rear its hideous head. Illegal occupations continued in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine. Illegal wars of aggression […]

Crimes of the State:Creating New Definitions

Crimes of the State: Defining What is and is not being done in “Our Name” By: Solomon Comissiong Definitions are important…however who defines “what” and “how” is even more important. Definitions often provide much needed substance to terms that are purposefully vague at best. Terms without contextual definitions, much like historical epochs, prevent individuals from […]