Cultural Misnomers: America's Planned Cultural Ignorance‏ Please tune into this episode as we deconstructed the roots, causes, and detrimental impact of America’s Cultural Ignorance. We will explore America’s white supremacist history and how it has set the table for the institutionally racist nation that the US is apparently so proud of being today. From referring to all Muslims as Arabs […]

The Other "GULF" In This Country

This is a reply to a reply to one of my blogs.  I made it a blog because it is a response to a number of selfish people in this country.  I hate to think of the world they would wreak if they actually ever get the reins of power.  They would make Brave New […]

The Folly of a Balanced Budget

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”  It was a plain, no-nonsense bumper sticker, but it says it all.  And, today we discover the cost of ignorance.  There are states that are demanding a “balanced budget amendment” for the federal government.  I understand their frustration.  Largely, however, the problem isn’t how much we are […]