White Supremacists work hand in hand with for-profit prisons

From: Anti-fascist researcher, David Emory http://spitfirelist.com/news/iron-bars-do-not-a-prison-make-for-nazis/ COMMENT: In recent posts, we have exam­ined indi­ca­tions of col­lu­sion between cor­rec­tions offi­cers in the United States and neo-Nazi/white suprema­cist prison gangs. We have also high­lighted col­lu­sion between Ger­man intel­li­gence and neo-Nazi net­works in that country. Two recent sto­ries sup­ple­ment that research, indi­cat­ing yet again that there are omi­nous […]

High school teacher in Idaho under investigation for saying “vagina” during anatomy lesson and encouraging critical thinking on climate change

Reporter, Katie McDonough, writing this week for Salon on-line, let us know that a high school science teacher, Tim McDaniel is currently being investigated by Idaho’s professional standards commission.  Why?  Easy, it is because McDaniel allegedly used the word “vagina” while teaching a 10th grade biology lesson on reproduction and anatomy. That’s right.  Science is […]

Is collective bargaining dead? 21 Idaho districts impose teacher contracts unilaterally

The Idaho school districts’ ability to impose contracts without negotiating with unions comes under Idaho’s new but not well-known school reform laws; they  rolled back most collective bargaining rights for teachers and limited contracts to one-year terms bringing teachers closer and closer to ‘independant contract status’ or ‘at will workers’.  They also limited contract negotiations to salary […]


I laughed when 61 year old Reverend Baptist minister George Alan Rekers got outed after his most excellent European vacation with a 20 year Rentboy.com. “Anti-Gay Activist Cavorts With Male Hooker,” the headline might have read. Rekers,  co-creator  with James Dobson of Family Research Council with Reverend James Dobson in 1983, denounced homosexuality as a […]