Libyan Blood Oil:An Illegal War of Hypocrisy and Self Interest

Libyan Blood Oil:An Illegal War of Hypocrisy and Self Interest By: Solomon Comissiong On March 20th 2011 the US and NATO forces began an aggressive aerial assault on the North African nation of Libya under the disingenuous pretext that it was a humanitarian mission to save civilians from being killed by pro Gaddafi “rebel” forces. […]

The Hypocrisy of Christmas‏‏ in America Please Join us this Thursday December 16th at 7:30 PM EST. If you cannot listen LIVE you can listen on Archive! America continues to be a quagmire of hypocrisy. The vast majority of the American populous is continually programmed by a tainted past they seemingly are afraid to research its origins. For this reason […]

Dissidents Make Noise — oops, News

U.S. government hypocrisy has grown so pervasive over the last decades that it provokes yawns and glazed looks. Senators denounce government interference in health care while partaking in their own top of the line government health insurance that they designed – at taxpayer expense. Secretary of State Clinton demanded Pakistani leaders remove terrorists from their […]

Obama the Deceiver's Cairo Speech: Don't Believe Sugar Coated Lies and Hypocrisy

Last week President Barack Obama delivered a much-anticipated speech in Egypt, which the Administration hoped would mark a change in world perception concerning US foreign policy. Obama changed some of the rhetoric of George W. Bush to make his policies seem more appealing to a skeptical world population. The President quoted the Qur’an out of […]