52 million views, 4-minutes, Occupy’s point: Where is the Love?

video here. What’s wrong with the world, mama, is the 1%’s criminal wars and rapacious looting. Occupy exposes the 1% that allows a million children to die every month from preventable poverty when just 1% of our income saves their lives while reducing population growth. Occupy documents and proves the 1%‘s  fear-mongered, unlawful, lie-started wars […]

Why Occupy? A government/economics teacher explains why we MUST

with NEW PuppetGov video here. “Constitutional governments and aristocracies are commonly overthrown owing to some deviation from justice…the rich, if the constitution gives them power, are apt to be insolent and avaricious… In all well-attempered governments there is nothing which should be more jealously maintained than the spirit of obedience to law, more especially in […]

Occupy Endgame: law enforcement arrests 1%’s War, economic criminals

source: Carl Herman The brilliant 2-minute video from Waiting for the Storm below is a message for police, sheriff, and military law enforcement to arrest US political, economic, and corporate “leadership” who have committed obvious crimes. Occupy’s endgame, in retrospect, will be obvious: after a period of “emperor has no clothes” expository communication from independent Internet […]

Who in US “leadership” will declare the “emperor has no clothes” facts and rejoin humanity?

source: Carl Herman In the story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, a single clear voice broke the public’s confusion. At once, the public recognized what was before their eyes. The illusion of the emperor and minions was over. The United States is in a similar condition. The public knows something is terribly wrong with what appear to […]

Why We the People will win a new American Revolution against US fascism

source: Carl Herman, Examiner.com Whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not, you are within a new American Revolution. The “emperor has no clothes” obvious facts that expose US political/economic “leadership” crimes center on US wars that are nowhere close to lawful and all based on lies, and trillions of dollars […]

Libyan Blood Oil:An Illegal War of Hypocrisy and Self Interest

Libyan Blood Oil:An Illegal War of Hypocrisy and Self Interest By: Solomon Comissiong On March 20th 2011 the US and NATO forces began an aggressive aerial assault on the North African nation of Libya under the disingenuous pretext that it was a humanitarian mission to save civilians from being killed by pro Gaddafi “rebel” forces. […]

Fraudulent Faith : Christianity & Tyranny

The conflation of religion and nationalism, or “God and country,” has long been a hallmark of the American ethos. Many of the first Europeans to unsettle the so-called New World were fleeing from domineering, state-sanctioned religious institutions like the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church. (That there was nothing “new” about this continent, […]

Criminals Serving as Selective American Examples

From Whose Perspective will You Follow: Thugs, Criminals and Slave Owners Serving as Selective American  Examples By Solomon Comissiong Like most US holidays, many American “heroes”, are manufactured based on a significantly flawed and biased “value” system. Individuals like Andrew Jackson, George Washington, Woodrow Wilson and Ronald Reagan, are routinely propped up throughout public school […]

Why we write: End unlawful US wars; demand justice and love

source: Carl Herman, Examiner.com Independent writers explain, document, and prove what all humanity will soon recognize as “emperor has no clothes” facts: US wars are Orwellian unlawful. The following are objective facts and independently verifiable. Indeed, the facts are uncontested and therefore non-controversial by definition. Literally the one and only action between now and public […]