By Saul Landau An advanced university degree can’t help you find a position –for a year or more. Yet, stocks, bonds, and derivative dealers, and those peddling hedge (evade, prevaricate, get around, beat around the bush) funds amass money (including tax dollars). Pious government officials and TV pundits assure you: the Wall Street establishment maintains […]

Bank of America, Too Bad To Succeed

Years ago I suggested that ALL foreclosures be stopped.  All properties should have been revalued at pre-bubble level, and then all loans renegotiated to keep people IN their homes.  The banks can only get out of the properties what they can get.  That is not much in a declining economy with unstable housing prices. Well, […]

Racial Wealth Gap Largest on Record as General Inequality Grows

By - Jesse Strecker The median wealth of white households is 20 times larger than that of Black households, and 18 times larger than that of Latino families, a report published by the Pew Research Center shows. This is the biggest difference that the Census has found in the 25 years that it has collected […]

How much more are you going to take…

Spending cuts, jobs, taxes, health care, education, infrastructure, banking, housing, energy, defense, and climate are all very important right now and all inter-related.  But they are just noise.  They are a giant smokescreen to hide the GRAND THEFT that has been and is going on right now. Illegal foreclosures.  Bank of America got caught in […]