Is Obama Preparing for Martial Law?

Is Obama preparing for martial law? All the signs say yes. Many prominent market analysts predict the US economy will collapse some time in 2013. They fully believe Americans will wake up one morning and learn the government has closed all the banks, as they have in Cyprus. When this happens, there will be long […]

New list of words used online that will make you a target for DHS

After a hearing in the House of Representatives, the Department of Homeland Security was forced to release their list of hundreds of words that will trigger analysts to monitor behavior online. Naturally, the list contains words such as Al Qaeda, terrorism, and bomb, but there are some rather odd, yet interesting words as well. For […]

20,000 Soldiers in Our Back Yard…you know, just in case

Why this is the only blog reporting this, scares the crap out of me. 20,000 uniformed troops for Homeland Security is a big move. What kind of threat or emergency are they needed for that the National Guard or our current Federal and local police can’t handle? And are these troops going to be standing […]