Occupy DC to protest corporate profiteering from student loans

  Friday, October 28th 2011,OccupyDC will undertake an action in protest of corporate profiteering on student loans. We will be working in conjunction with Occupy Colleges and with students from among the diverse and numbered DC Metropolitan area universities and institutes of higher education. The action will commence fromMcPherson Squareat 3PM and the final destination […]

Things are heating up this week in struggles around public higher education in California.

Below are two events happening Tues., Dec. 15th. While both are in the Bay Area, the notice of the UC action says informational picketing will take place on all UC campuses. And it’s likely that actions may be slated for other community colleges. So if you’re not near the Bay Area, look for what’s up in your area.

Tiny Little Compartmentalized Brilliant Minds

Our nation’s universities are turning out minds that are fragmented and overly specialized… perfect for avoiding any process of critical thinking or universal questioning. A “moral void” has been created in the “educated population” by the obsessive drive to produce the perfect “analytic.” I really agreed with the majority of what this article is saying, […]