Abundance and Apocalypse

Abundance And Apocalypse   Somewhere in the ‘90s, world production crossed the historic line into Economic Abundance. Humans now produce, through the global economy, so much wealth every year that it is no longer necessary for anyone to be impoverished. The UN has long held that the world produces enough food to end hunger forever; […]

We just don't seem to understand…

I really, really, really don’t understand how we can endlessly dance around a subject and never quite understand it.  We spend thousands and thousands of dollars to figure out that someone who is texting while driving cannot pay adequate attention to the road. You don’t believe in global warming?  Call it whatever you want.  But, […]

Massive Bat Death Mystery

Bats are getting moldy and are dying. Scientists have identified the cause of the mystery. The killer is a cold loving fungi known as Geomyces. More than 100,000 bats have died in the northeastern United States and the disease is spreading. The fungus is causing starvation amongst bats. In related reporting, where I first heard […]

The Myth Of Man-Made Global Warming

Man-Made Global Warming is fake.   Just thought I would go ahead and get that statement out of the way.  For anyone who follows the news, that statement is ludicrous, absurd, ridiculous, and dumb. However, what is truly stupid is the news reporting something completely phony as fact.   The news and Al Gore spit out junk science as if they […]