Joel Klein Meets Joel Klein to Discuss Rupert Murdoch No Bid Contract to Wireless Generation

From a guest: NYC’s former Chancellor, Joel Klein, now works for Murdoch, and has been put in charge of his “internal investigation” of this scandal. At the same time questions have been raised surrounding several no-bid contracts that the NY State Education Department and the NYC Department of Education intend to award Wireless Generation, the […]

The New Generation Black Panthers Recruit Young Blacks

The New Generation Black Panthers? A 21 year old Black American friend of mine was accosted by two thirty something year old Black American women in front of a Starbucks this week. They were trying to recruit him to join the New Generation Black Panthers! The two women dressed in all black wearing dark sunglasses […]

The nuclear bomb coming with your electric bill

Aletho News | February 25, 2010 Obama’s provision of $54 billion in loan guarantees to the nuclear industry will cost Americans much more than the probable 50% default rate that the Congressional Budget Office anticipates. While the federal government will guarantee the profits of investors, rate payers will suffer the inevitable rate hikes. Higher electric […]