EU Parliament to send passenger data to US

Until now, passengers flying to the United States had to fill out the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) form as a paperless replacement to the I-94 form to be checked against the US watch list and pay a fee in order to enter the United States. This form has basic information on it and, […]

Britain: state pension linked to age" The Granny tax

Attacks on working people are happening all around the world, not simply here in the US.  From Greece to Italy, from Portugal to Turkey the mass of the world’s citizens are not only feeling the pinch of plunder, but they are saying they will not take it anymore. Meanwhile, their so called ‘leaders’ work for […]

AG Holder degrades US as fascist ‘Assassination Nation;’ 99% response…?

Attorney General Eric Holder, the top “legal” voice of the US regime, argued to Northwestern University law students that the US Constitution is no limit to the regime dictatorially assassinating Americans. This follows regime arguments to seize and “disappear” any person in opposition to regime dictates as “terrorist supporters,” and extracting their confessions with controlled […]

Action v. Inaction: The Scholar-Teacher Imperative

If the disturbing details surrounding Jerry Sandusky and Penn State University’s football program prove to be true, little room will exist for debating the culpability of Sandusky’s role in breaking a sacred trust with the rights and basic human dignity of children. But surrounding this inexcusable act is a swirling debate about the culpability of […]

Occupy This: US History exposes the 1%’s crimes, then and now. 1 of 6

source: Carl Herman. Occupy Wall Street (and nationwide) has three emerging objectives: Public recognition of the 1%’s crimes, centering on war and money. End war and money crimes that annually kill millions, injure billions, and loot trillions of our dollars. Build a brighter future for 100% of humanity, centering on full constructive employment and the creation of money […]

Ayn Rand and the Philosophy of Individualism (Part II)

(This is part two of a four-part series on the ethics and political theory of Ayn Rand, written exclusively for The Daily Censored, by Dr. Robert Abele, professor of philosophy at Diablo Valley College in the San Francisco Bay Area.) We ended the last section by outlining Rand’s attempt to close the “is/ought” gap by […]

$1.6 million dollar settlement agreement entered into by the DoJ and Kaplan 'University', the blood bank for the Washington Post

The following is the Department of Justice’s announcement from July 22, 2011 that they have finally settled the qui tam suit with whistleblower and former employee, David Goodstein and one other whistleblower regarding the fraud called Kaplan University and in this case the ‘Surg Tech’ program which was the subject of the qui tam, or […]

The Washington Post and its blood bank, Kaplan University: EduGate

The recent article I found regarding the New York Stock exchanged Washington Post Company came out of Bangalore,  the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka .  It was published on February 23rd, 2011 and was carried by, the on-line trading network.  The Washington Post, as you will read, would never carry such an […]

The far right wing is now moving quickly: Michigan Orders Detroit Public Schools to Cuts Costs, Close Schools by 2013, increase class size of high schools to 60

A picture of a Detroit school computer lab with relatively modern hardware. Thieves have removed any precious metals from the CPUs and monitors, rendering them worthless Michigan state education officials have ordered the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools, Robert Bobb,  to immediately implement a plan that balances the district’s books by closing half […]