Attack Libya; farewell republic

By Saul Landau Right wing Republicans want to “save” the Constitution, the Republic’s framework, at a time when the USA has enmeshed itself in foreign wars and international military alliances. They cite reverently the framers’ intentions, which did not include excluding Congress from basic information about U.S. policy. Unelected officials have now “classified” (hidden) tens […]

Libyan Liberation – Is there Another Way?

  By Kathleen Barry With its call for regime change even before the Libyans began to rebel, American hypocrisy has been looming large over the U.S. war with Libya.  UN resolution 1973 was its pretext, humanitarian intervention its justification.  No doubt, humanitarian intervention is urgently needed in Libya.  But, when the U.S. acts as the […]

No-Fly Zone Fallacy

  This past weekend, under U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973, the United States and its allies began enforcing a “no fly zone” over much of Libya. One of the most frequent comparisons used to justify our actions has been that of the Bosnia-Herzegovia war.  Recently, Mo Sacribey of the European Courier, laid out the essential […]