Justice for John Milton

By Erik White, I am writing today to tell you of a great miscarriage of justice, in our public education system. The greatest teacher I have ever known, John Milton, has been fired from De Anza Community College, for an obscene gesture or phrase. Whether or not John is guilty of the obscenity, the way […]

How We Get Out, Fraqing Amazing.

It sounds like Obama did something right in firing McChrystal.  Listening to NPR, I am pleased to hear that the State Department finally caught up to the 1970’s.  If McChrystal was upset with the policy that the State Department is pushing, he was definitely the wrong person for the job. When I first heard of […]

Central Falls Used to Broadcast New Turnaround Model for Failing Schools

by Jordan Doorwall The staff of Central Falls high school in Rhode Island has been given a new lease on life, or so it seems. And so much like Shylock in the Merchant of Venice, they’ve been given a new religion to go with it. The symbolism is unmistakeable: teachers come back with the understanding that […]