Why the Occpy Movement is Winning!

  Listen to Fox News and the screaming right-wing, and you might think the screaming left-wing were a bunch of lazy, unemployed drumbeating freeloaders that are pitching tents in public spaces and defecating on the streets. However, you don’t need to go to Fox News for such ridiculous notions. After the Huffington Post headlined video […]

Test Scores Fail Students, Teachers, But Remain a Political Prop

The news out of Washington DC offers evidence that calls for test-based teacher evaluations persist, ironically against the weight of evidence: “Sen. Joseph Lieberman is drafting a school reform bill that would tie a portion of federal education dollars to a requirement that states implement robust teacher evaluations, with student test scores being a major […]

The SEC and Wall Street Journals Epic failure

As Bernie Madoof sits on house arrest in his luxury condo, many are wondering, how the hell did this happen?. 50 billion in investment fraud and not a sign?. Not exactly, now we learn that whistleblower Harry Markopolos notified Security and  Exchange Commission  as early as 2000 of Maddofs operations.  Markopolos said “I gift-wrapped and […]