If government created money instead of debt: Thomas Edison speaks

source: Carl Herman, Examiner.com Many of America’s brightest historical minds recognized and communicated the obvious answer to US national debt: US government can create money instead of debt. Current law lets banks create what we use for money, which we then borrow at interest. This Orwellian “monetary” system is the opposite of money because it’s […]

If government created money instead of debt: America’s brightest historical minds speak

source: Carl Herman, Examiner.com The US suffers from debt-damned economics: a Robber Baron-era paradigm whereby the harder Americans work, the more in debt we collectively descend. The reason is public confusion between “money” (which the US does not create and use to facilitate trade) and “debt/credit” (which our government says is “money” and what is […]

Technology and Teachers: The Fun They Had

By Guest Blogger George, Many educators feel that the so-called “21st Century Learning” which advocates a more technology based and supposedly student-centered curriculum for the future is the magic bullet of educational reform. In this, they find themselves in perfect agreement with the companies which stand the most to gain from such an approach: those […]

Taking Stock in our children's education

For-profit providers: Wall Street wants your kids Your public schools are failing and your children aren’t learning. The school system is choked by bureaucracy and over-regulation and it is being held hostage by teacher unions that won’t respond to parents’ concerns nor adopt meaningful reforms. Principals are weak and refuse to fire teachers who underperform. […]