Waiting for Superrich-Man

A willing public fights in defense of billionaires who are helping themselves to their - to our - hard-earned money. How has this happened? How has the public turned on itself, avidly supporting policies that tilt the “free market” against them?

Peak Oil Experts Fear Big New U.S. Job Losses, Economic Downturn

Ralph Nader helped conclude a cutting-edge energy conference here Oct. 9 on Peak Oil by describing what alternative energy proponents must do to reduce harsh new job losses and similar hardship for the public.

Predatory for-profit colleges and universities: the escalating default rate for student loans

  Defaulted Student Loans:  The next bubble the capitalists will feed on The share of borrowers who default on their student loans is bigger than the federal government’s short-term data suggest, with thousands more students facing damaged credit histories and millions more tax dollars being lost in the long run through bail-outs to for-profit colleges.  […]

The Struggle for Public Education

This post is sponsored by: everest college online. Recently, Scott Lay, President and Chief Executive Officer Orange Coast College ’94, a community college in California, spoke with the Academic Senate President Jane Patton about governance in these difficult times to trustees, administrators, faculty, staff and students at Delta College in Stockton. Like many community colleges […]