Bitcoins: Good as Gold?

Bitcoins are a safe decentralized currency that’s  ideal for businesses and consumers alike because it’s controlled by the people who use it, rather than banks. Hate banks? Fed up with Wall Street incompetence and criminality? Concerned the impending economic collapse and/or runaway inflation will gobble up your savings? Are you already unemployed – or like […]

Swiss Pass CEO Pay Initiative

According to the BBC, 68% of Swiss voters have backed a “fat cat” referendum to impose strict controls on CEO pay. The new law gives shareholders a veto on CEO compensation and bans “golden handshakes,” i.e. big payouts for new and departing managers. DW reports the success of the Swiss initiative is leading German political […]

Will the Greek economic collapse lead to private for-profit prison incarceration?

 Picture of the Prison of Socrates in Greece The prison population in Greece has seen a steady rise within the last dozen years.  Below are some of the numbers. Prisoners in Greece Year   Capacity Population 1998 4,332        6,150 2005 5,584        8,72 2008 7,543        11,243 2009 9,103        11,736 2011 9,223        12,586  Now, with the country […]


By Saul Landau Occupy Wall Street activists everywhere agree: the system has become dysfunctional. The angst – or anger — among citizens reaches beyond economic collapse and the government’s inability to improve the situation. Frustration and puzzlement persist: why do Presidents keep initiating wars in remote places? Why does Congress back them? Its Members, like […]

Room with a view: compromising on public education with capital

Is the plan now to cut the humanities and a liberal arts education from community and state colleges?

Don’t be surprised. why should one take messy history classes or philosophy classes when they are majoring in law enforcement or pursuing a Home Land Security Degree? Why should they be exposed to art and music when the priority is getting them ready to compete with China?