Americanism: The US Legacy of War, Imperialism and Racism

By Solomon Comissiong “The American ruling elite see no boundaries in their conquest for wealth, power, and control.” Any nation whose beginning is immersed in theft of land, genocide, slavery and exploitation is almost destined for a legacy of societal deviance. Mix white supremacy and institutional racism into that cauldron of disaster and it easily […]

US Corporate Media Propagandizes Haiti Tragedy

The following analysis traces the long history of imperial domination and exploitation of Haiti by the United States. The US Corporate media covers the “humanitarian’ message of US military control and fails to include the historical context of over 100 years of imperialism. Haiti’s tragedy: A crime of US imperialism By Bill Van Auken, The […]

The US as Aging Prize Fighter: The US Capitalist Class

One hundred years ago (November, 1909), the famous American author Jack London, wrote a short story called “A Piece of Steak.” In it, an aging prize fighter climbs into the ring one last time. In his prime, this fighter was able to overwhelm his opponents with his strength and speed. Over the years, he has […]